Bears Head – 19 December at the Lea

The annual Lea RC Bears Head will take place this year on Sunday 19 December at 09.00. Boating will be from 8am and the race course, as ever, will be from the Gate to Lathams. The head is open to all members of the club in 1x, 2x/- or 4+/-. Entry is £5 per seat.
The Bears Head is however only the start of a number of fun races held over the course of the day. There will be christmas pudding racing in rec boats involving any member of the club who wants to get involved. Seats for this are £5.
To round off the days racing there will be the Captain’s v President’s sprint Viiis – the winner no doubt being the crew that cheats the most (the President’s Viii should have no trouble being competitive)!
We will have our usual open bar festivities and christmas lunch following the racing at £10 per person.
To enter the racing please make yourself know to Josh, if you wish to book yourself in for lunch speak to Tom Wei. All guests welcome to join us for some lunch and a drink or two at the bar….
See you all there!

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