LEAn & Mean course open for applications

With applications rolling in for Lean & Mean, the opportunity has been taken to set up a course. The Lean&Mean course will start on Monday 16 May and will involve 2 on the water sessions a week for four weeks. As a reminder as to the requirements to be taken as a beginner on a Lean&Mean course please visit the Learn2row page http://learc.org.uk/on-the-water/learn2row/.

In addition to welcoming suitably qualified applicants through this website, Lea RC coaches travelled to Crossfit gym in Bethnal Green to undertake some talent identification. Coaches Bobby Thatcher and Richard Ellis, as well as Club Captain Josh Coleman-Pecha, spent an evening testing members of the Crossfit gym as to their potential to be high level oarsmen and women. A fun evening was had by all and we are pleased to say that a trio of Crossfit gym members are going to participate in the current Lean&Mean course. We look forward to talent identifying more people in the future.

It is not too late to join in with this course – if you think you have the raw materials to be part of a Lean&Mean please apply through the sign-up page here: http://learc.org.uk/on-the-water/learn2row/sign-up/

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