24th May gave the Learn2Race squad something that they don’t normally get on a Saturday – a lie in.




24th May gave the Learn2Race squad something that they don’t normally get on a Saturday – a lie in.

The squad entered crews in 2 divisions, novice and IM3 eights, but with the Lea’s first race at 6.15pm we could afford to meet at the club at around 2pm to get Sid Price loaded on the the trailer.

The weather forecast for the day was heavy showers, but we seemed to hit the worst of the rain on the drive to south London. By the time we arrived in Twickenham (to a very scenic stretch of the Thames) conditions were dry, and warm when the sun came through the patchy cloud.

First up was the IM3crew, consisting of Ross, Kevin, Tom Brown, Tom Baxter, Eoghan, Alex, Barney & Berk. The guys put in a very impressive performance against Kingson, being quickest out of the traps and and not letting the opposition back in the race. Lea went on to win by a comfortable 2 lengths and secured their place in the IM3 final.

Next up was the Novice 8, made up of the same rowers as above save that Alex, Barney and Tom Brown (ineligible to race in the novice category) were replaced by Ian, Stefan and myself. The Novice 8 was given a bye into the final and faced the home club, Twickenham. In what was initially a close run race, the Lea benefited from being on the inside bend on the latter part of the course and pulled away to victory.

One of the last races of the day was the IM3 final. Thanks to some very unfortunate scheduling, for most of the lads this was their 3rd back-to back race and inevitably fatigue had set in. The IM3 crew put in a valiant effort but were beaten by Twickenham’s first eight, who equalled the fastest ever time recorded  at the regatta!

On the whole then a very successful day for the Lea. Thanks to Jo for coaching and Sally who put in a great performance as cox.

For me personally, Twickenham was my first regatta and was a great experience. I had a lie in, won a race and collected a trophy – this rowing lark is easy….




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