Lea RC will be running 3 types of adult beginners’ course:

A. Learn2Row – a course held in the summer and open to anyone of any sporting ability or age who will probably want to row competitively.

B. Learn2Row Recreationally – a course aimed at those who do not want to row competitively and do not have the time to commit to doing so. Unfortunately, we do not currently have any recreational rowing courses scheduled. However if interested in this course please view the section on Recreational rowing below.

C. Row to Fitness – for people who are used to training but unsure about getting in a boat without any prior experience, and/or for athletes keen to improve existing fitness levels. Please note that this is an indoor rowing course. Click here to be taken to the section below.

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Learn to Row Course Summer course

The course will run for six weeks and will cost £180. Each participant will sign up for one class per week for those six weeks.

If there is sufficient interest we will run women and men only sessions. These will be on Monday and Wednesday. All other courses will be mixed.

The weekly programme will be as follows:

Mon evening 7pm – 9pm (women only) This session is now full.
Tue evening 7pm – 9pm This session is now full.
Wed evening 7pm – 9pm (men only) This session is now full.
Sat morning 8am – 10am This session is now full.
Sat morning 11am – 1pm This session is now full.

*Please note: there are 20 places available in each session. These will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

The course dates are:

Week 1, week commencing Mon 10 July
Week 2, week commencing Mon 17 July
Week 3, week commencing Mon 24 July
Week 4, week commencing Mon 31 July

Week 5, week commencing Mon 7 August
Week 6, week commencing Mon 14 August (note there will be a fun regatta this week – so normal classes will be replaced by one Saturday class for all on 19 August)

Recreational rowing course
We do not currently have any recreational rowing courses scheduled. If you want to row recreationally please sign up, if possible, for the Saturday 11am – 1pm sessions, or please visit the sign-up page and we will send you details when we have availability.

To Sign Up for a Course
To secure your place on the course we ask you to complete a few items of administration. If you do not complete all of the below then you will be noted as being interested in attending but not as having secured a place:

1.Send an email to Sally Lawrence stating which Learn2row session you would like to attend each week. If you can attend several sessions, or any session, please note this as it helps with our organisation. If you do not say which session you would like to attend we will allocate you as we see fit e.g. ‘I would like to attend the Tuesday evening session’ or ‘I can attend any session on the weekend’ etc.;

2.Complete the attached membership form and attach it to the above email. If you cannot return it via email, please post it to Lea Rowing Club Limited, The Boathouse, Spring Hill, London E5 9BL. Please mark it FAO ‘Sally Lawrence (Learn2Row)’.

3.If you want to attend the women only session (Monday) or men only session (Wednesday) please state this clearly. At this point we are looking to see what interest there is for this and cannot guarantee these will be offered.

4.State in your email whether you have competed in competitive sport before.

If you have made an enquiry to attend the course on behalf of someone else, either for them or with them, please ensure they complete the membership form or a membership form in addition to your own.

A place on a course will be confirmed once payment and your completed membership form have been received. Payment of £180 should be made to the bank details below. If making an online bank transfer, please mark it with your name + ‘L2R July 2017’. If you do not do this we may be unable to identify your payment. You may also pay by cheque (made out to Lea Rowing Club Limited) returned with the completed membership form to the address above. We do not accept cash payments.

Bank Details
Please make payments to:

Lea Rowing Club Limited
Sort code 50 00 00
Account 21414920
Bank Natwest

Common Questions / Issues
You will appreciate that for a large course we can receive a lot of questions from applicants! We would be grateful if, in the first instance, you could refer to our website for an answer ( or read through the answers to commonly asked questions below:

How do I find the club?
The club can be found here: The club has a free car park to the rear and bicycles can be stored near the building;

What is my payment for?
The payment of £180 covers membership for three months starting with the first session and allows access to the Learn2Row course and for the Learn2Row July includes a one year silver membership to British Rowing (the governing body of rowing in the UK) as well as introductory learning materials on rowing/rowing technique. It will allow you to participate in a range of activities on the water whilst providing you with British Rowing insurance cover full details of which can be found at Those on the recreational courses will receive a three month introductory offer. There will be no additional costs for the duration of the course.

Can I pay in installments?
No – payment must have been received before the course commences;

Can I continue as a club member after the course?
Once the July course is over you will be offered a number of entry points to the club. These will range from recreational rowing (one session a week) to our Novice/Development squads (five sessions a week). The squad which you join will be dependent on you meeting the 2k ergo test entry requirement for that squad. The number of places in these squads is limited and you may be placed on a waiting list to join. Entry to the club will be at the additional cost of the club membership fee (more information can found here Our membership year runs 1 October – 30 September);

Do I need to attend every class?
No. It is not a requirement to ‘complete’ the course and become a club member to attend every class. However, we strongly recommend that you attend as many as possible/the majority in order to gain exposure to the basic rowing elements that will help you once you join the club as a full member;

If I cannot make it to my class on a certain week can I swap to a different day?
No, but there will be an extra session in week six on Wednesday 16 August for those who have missed one or more sessions. You will need to sign up for this in week 5 and it may not be available at the same session time that you have been attending;

Do I need any special equipment/clothing?
No. You will need ordinary gym/training kit: trainers, leggings/shorts/training bottoms, t-shirt or top. We recommend clothing is snug fitting as loose items may get in the way when in the gym/on the water. On the summer course you should wear sunscreen as standard – two hours out on the water and in the sun can cause sunburn. If you attend the evening classes you may want to wear insect repellent as you can be bitten by water based and flying insects. We row in most weather so you should bring a waterproof jacket or cagoule. You should attend every class with a water bottle;

Are the classes gender specific or mixed?
The club makes a lot of effort to ensure gender equality at all tiers and encourages people to mix in with one another – especially on a Learn2row course. However, we are hoping to offer sessions for women on Mondays and men on Wednesdays to meet needs. The courses are open to all adults aged eighteen upwards; there is no upper age limit.

Do I need any training/rowing experience?
No. This course is designed for all comers, of any age and any sporting background/ability. The course will give you the skills required to become club members and pursue any level of subsequent activity – from recreational to competitive;

Do I need to be a particular size or level of physical fitness to join the course?
No. As above, the course is aimed at giving you the skills to become a full time club member. Once you are a club member we have training programmes and coaching that will enable you to develop your capabilities to the level you wish to participate at; and

Do I need to read anything/learn anything before the course starts?
We will take you through all points necessary on the course. However, we do recommend you visit the British Rowing website to find out about the sport.

If you have any further questions please email Sally.

We look forward to you confirming your place on the course and I very much look forward to welcoming you to the club in the summer.

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In addition to the usual summer water based Learn to Row Course, Lea RC is pleased to announce, for the first time, an additional land based Row to Fitness course designed for those who are already reasonably fit but want to use rowing training to take their fitness to the next level.


The course is

• 8 weeks
• 2 sessions per week
• with a structured training plan and objectives
• costs £180

Rowers train hard, so whether you are looking to join a rowing team or push your fitness to the next level we can help you get there.

We will be running rowing based land training fitness classes. These will focus on developing the core physical attributes of good rowing –strength, endurance, flexibility and stability – in our newly refurbished facilities. All of our courses are led by experienced rowers and coaches who will be able to give you one on one guidance and feedback throughout.

This is the ideal introduction for people who are used to training but unsure about getting in a boat without any prior experience as it helps teach you the basic body movements without worrying about an oar in your hand or for athletes keen to improve existing fitness levels.

For further information on this particular course please email GeneralManager (at) adding some basic information, such as name and contact details, age, weight, and an indication of your current fitness levels. To get the most out of the course you should be used to working out at least twice a week.