Senior Women

The women’s senior squad is open to all who wish to join and have prior rowing experience. Lea RC’s senior squad will field crews from IM3 through to Elite status and supports lightweight and heavyweight rowing in both sweep and sculling disciplines. Lea RC is also capable of supporting athletes through to international representation and the senior squad has had a number of entrants to GB trials in the last few years.

Lea RC’s women’s senior squad aims to be competitive on a national level. Each year the squad aims to compete, and win at, major events such as Scullers, Pairs, Fours and Eights Head as well as all the major summer regattas including Metropolitan and Reading regattas, Women’s Henley and the National Championships. Lea RC undertakes to send some of its best crews abroad for certain competitions. Lea RC also has a summer racing programme between July and August in which anyone with some rowing experience is welcome to join in.

In order to meet its objectives of competing and winning on a national level Lea RC supports its athletes with the highest quality equipment and coaching (for more information please see the ‘coaching team’ section of the website). Lea RC also provides its athletes with a highly competitive training programme, written by Director of Rowing Nigel Weare, which has been proven to deliver success.

Primarily, Lea RC looks to recruit new senior squad members in the customary rowing ‘off season’ between July and beginning September, however we are delighted to accept new members all season round.

If you have been rowing at another club, or have been in the past and wish to take up rowing again, please fill in this online form.

If you would like more information regarding Lea RC women’s senior squad or would like to enquire about joining please email the Women’s Vice Captain or the Captain.

Novice Women

Lea RC women’s novice squad is formed every year in September from the graduates of our Learn2Row course. The novice squad however also welcomes those with small amounts of rowing experience or anyone who has not been involved with the sport for a while and is looking for a more gentle return to training than full senior rowing.

The novice squad will aim to compete at novice level at major head races and regattas through the year and often travels to races with the senior squad. The novice squad is fully supported with its own equipment, training programme and coaches (for more information please see the ‘coaching team’ section of the website).

As the novice squad progresses on an individual and collective basis members are encouraged to participate in land training with the senior squad and will also train on the water with the senior squad. The objective of the novice squad is to produce athletes that have the necessary skills to move into senior rowing.

If you would like more information regarding Lea RC women’s novice squad or would like to enquire about joining please email the Captain or the Women’s Vice Captain.