1. Membership Fees

Our rowing year runs from October to 30 September. Lea RC does not charge a joining fee. Lea RC understands that members may not be in a position to pay full membership fees in one lump sum. Requests to pay in installments may be made to the Captain or treasurer. Lea RC reserves the right however to request full payment in any event.

The following fees are applicable to this season:


2.  Subscriptions 2018/19 season 

Subscriptions 2018 – 2019 v4 (opens in a new tab)


3. Racking Fees and Insurance

Racking is available to those who are either ‘full racing’ or ‘sculling’ members of the club. The racking fee is £180 per seat (1x = £180, 2x = £360 and so on. The cox seat is not included). It is a requirement that boat owners take out private insurance for their boats which covers their boat both on and off the water. The club will need a photocopy of the insurance cover. Any boats without a valid insurance document will be subject to an increased racking fee of an extra £50 per seat. This increase will cover the cost of placing the boat on the club’s insurance.

4. Race Entry Fees

Race entry fees are the cost of entry to the event. Race fees need to be paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer to the Rowing Committee one day before the event.

5. Boathouse Key

Keys are available to the boathouse from the Rowing Committee on request. Members will need to state to the Rowing Committee why they need a key. The deposit for a key is £20.

updated 28/09/18